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Building a Side Project

Many of us dream about doing something extra besides our regular routine which might include creating a YouTube channel, blog, reading books, learning new languages, and so on. But most of us either never get around to starting it or abandon the project after trying it for a few weeks.

So how do we work on our side project when we are already busy with our other regular work?

Using your Mornings

Morning is that time of day where you are a little less busy and can work on self-improvement, and yes, this side project of yours is also the way of ensuring you are improving yourself. Working every morning for 10-20 minutes and tracking your progress is a great way to start. Eventually, it becomes your hobby and you can take more time out for it.

If your morning is hectic then obviously you have to wake up a little early. This doesn’t mean getting up two hours earlier than usual. Instead, simply waking 30 minutes earlier, you get to put in at least 20 minutes of solid work. 20 minutes might not sound like a lot, but if you are consistent each day you’re going to get a lot of work done at the end of the month.

And to wake up early, you obviously need to sleep early. Instead of watching movies or a show at the night, scrolling through social media feed, you can sleep a little earlier so you can get ahead on your project.

For me personally, morning is the most important time of my day. I get most of my work done in the morning. I plan on reading one good book every month and ever since I have been doing it. I always take 15 minutes’ time from my morning and read maybe one or two chapters and within the month I have completed reading a book. It just takes a little motivation at first and after that, it becomes your part of the routine.

Creating consistent habits

When we first have an idea of doing something, we are filled with energy and motivation. Like: “I’m going to start a YouTube channel and post videos daily”. One may even post videos daily for a week. But after that when their video gets very little views, they may lower the output goal to one video a week, and eventually, they may even quit.

Instead of setting a very high goal like posting daily, it is much better to focus on building an effective and small habit. You can search content for a week just by taking out a few minutes of time from your day and next week you can shoot and edit. Bringing out a new video on which you have researched and invested your time and effort once every two weeks will have a better review than the first one.

You don’t have to read one book per day. If you set your goal like reading one book in 2 days you might complete half of the book on the first day with all your energy and motivation but the next day you don’t feel like even looking at that book. Instead, try reading a few pages the first day, the next day you are going to read a few more pages than you read yesterday. So creating a small yet consistent habit is very important.

Make your project fun

Your project might sound fun at first but after doing it for a week or two that very fun project may feel boring. Why does this happen? Because you are following the same approach every day. If one thing does not work, try other approaches, track progress, see every challenge as an opportunity, ask for help with your friends, and reward yourself after hitting daily goals.

For example, you want to create a YouTube tutorials video but you hate talking to the camera. Instead of forcing yourself to do it every day, you could simply switch up your approach. Just invite your friend over and teach him whatever tutorial you are making and film it. You will have your video and you will also have fun with your friend. Get creative and have fun with your project and this will allow you to stay motivated and consistent.   


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